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About Us

At the age of 12, he showed extraordinary talent by baking the first delicious chocolate biscuit and sold them successfully. His extraordinary production had won the hearts of wholesalers and it gave him opportunity to start a pastry business. Day by day, one chocolate biscuit turned into hundred types of authentic Southeast Asian biscuits. Year by year, his ingenious handmade had became a skillful creation.

At the age of 21, he has been able to produce more than 100 kinds of biscuits, and he has created his own kingdom. In the kingdom that belongs to him, he makes the delicious and critical performance more vivid. He firmly believes that the top ingredients are only from the local soil, and the perfect taste can only be controlled by both hands. Raw materials, he only uses the best. Baking, he is personally involved. From the fragrance that float out of this workshop became popular in Indonesia. This fragance is not just general butter biscuits or chocolate flavour, but a full mix of local Indonesian characteristics – ripe durian, special pandan and sweet coconut milk with very tempting characteristics …

This unique Southeast Asian flavor turned this small workshop became famous. There are many big retail brands came over in order to seek for cooperation, they want to be filled with products on supermarket shelves that are internationally renowned. Krisma Abadi Perkasa -The desire to go up to the next level.
Fame does not make him proud, his delicate personality reminds him of the smartest people in the world – people who had higher requirements for ingredients, health, in taste. He combines the philosophy of delights of more than 30 years with his work experience which is more innovative in research and development of raw materials and flavors.
Every kind of ingredients are all carefully selected by him.Every taste was his understanding of delicacy. (Krisma Abadi Perkasa.Co.Ltd) – Use smart production to conquer tastes in the world.

At present, (Krisma Food) are one of the most popular biscuit brands in Indonesia. Three hundred types of of products are handmade with baked goods.

Still adhering to the concept of “ with the warmth of the hand can convey delicious taste. ” Using a deep understanding of delicious food in biscuit culture, we send true meaning to people Indonesia with Sweet regards.

Our Vision

Became a leader in the food industry in Indonesia through the pastry business. Meeting the client’s high pursuit for high quality food is our ultimate goal. To uphold the company’s philosophy, image and aspiration in perfect products, we will only provide the food with outstanding quality to our customers. To cater and fulfill the needs of the market, we will introduce more and more good taste and high quality food to you in the future.

Our Mission

We will continue to produce premium foods by using more healthy and high quality ingredients in order to meet different customer’s needs. We will keep searching new business partners so that the best and safe food can be provided to you. Also, we utilization of import raw materials consistently & leading in innovation both product and service.

Our Value

We believe that the brand’s success comes from customers who pursue high quality products. Customer support and loyalty, helping professional teams and business partners are key elements for us to succeed in the market. So, to apply the ideas and spirit of Krisma Abadi Perkasa, we will provide the best products for our valuable customers. Share food, share love, the best for you!

Our Promise

We insisted on perseverance product control, use the best materials and quality ingredients without additives. We strongly believed that customers enjoy with our products because it made of safety requirement and good quality controlled. Since it launched in the market. It becomes the most favourite and supportive products from the customers.